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Leah Anderson

I was lucky to have grown up in the country where I was able to experience what it meant to be close to nature and connect deeply with Mother Earth. Long before the days of devices, where real adventure was found outdoors and in the moment, particularly on my grandparents farm.


Having moved to Sydney in my late teens I fell straight into hospitality. Fast forward 13 years, I opened up my first restaurant to much success, thankfully all the practice had paid off!  But as life's challenges presented themselves I was introduced to yoga as a means of support through a friend. This decision changed my life and was the start of an epic journey of self-discovery, deep inner healing and expansion. 


I've been practising yoga and meditation for 6 years and have completed my 200-hour YA Certified Tantric Hatha yoga teacher training at The Practice, Canggu, Bali. I work closely with incredible mentors and specialise in sharing meditation practices from the Vedic tradition backed up by modern day science. 


Having recently sold my very successful restaurant in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, I’m so excited to bring together all of my passions in one offering to you.  From meditation one on one to the full retreat experience. 

Take Me There retreats and experiences have an edge. Offering luxury destinations globally and experiences to take you out of your comfort zone. Uncover your boundless limits and discover your true potential. 

Take your team to the next level!



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