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Corporate Retreats

Take Me There Events know how focused businesses are today in looking after the well being of their teams.

Take Me There Events are specifically formulated to harness the individual's personal power to inspire and ignite creativity and performance.

Take Me There Events have incorporated holistic mindset tools encompassing meditation, mindfulness – and of course plenty of fun - with a view to decreasing stress levels and anxiety, increasing memory capacity, creativity, productivity and supporting the personal well being of your Team.   

The key focus is to improve not only the individuals who attend Retreat but also their efficacy to take Team unity and inspiration to the next level.

Research shows that we simply do not work anywhere near our best when we are stressed, anxious or depressed.  The parts of the brain responsible for intelligent action and creativity also gets shut down.


The integration of Meditation and Mindfulness into your Retreat Itinerary at the beginning and end of each day will enable Your Team to gain a full understanding of how to create or expand their own meditation practice and gain a greater understanding of how to harness the full power of their mind and body.

Board Room days will also be allocated for your business-related Retreat along with days of fun and adventure through outdoor Team Building Activities to strengthen bonds and keep the fires of inspiration and innovation alive!



Leah Anderson

Leah Anderson grew up in country New South Wales experiencing what it meant to be close to nature and connect deeply with Mother Earth, long before the days of devices, where real adventure was found outdoors and in the moment.


Moving to Sydney in her late teens, Leah fell straight into hospitality, just 13 years later opening her first restaurant to much success.  In years to come, she opened a further 3 restaurants and a vibrant wholesale enterprise. 


Yoga and Meditation became a means of support to Leah in the demanding hospitality industry which also started an epic journey of self-discovery, deep inner healing and expansion. 


Recently, Leah has sold her latest very successful restaurant in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney to bring together all of her passions in one offering.  From Meditation One on Ones to full Corporate and Business Retreat experiences. 

Leah's Bespoke Take Me There Retreats and experiences have an edge. Offering luxury destinations globally and experiences to take you out of your comfort zone where you will uncover your boundless limits and discover your true potential.


Leah's supporting and inspired energy will take Your Team to the next level!

Locations + Venues

Locations and Venues are available through Take Me There partnerships in every corner of the globe - limited only by your imagination and budget.

Take Me There individually craft your itinerary and source the most idealic locations to compliment your Retreat.

Take a few moments to browse some of the Take Me There locations or Reach Out to us and we will curate your bespoke Retreat in the country or destination of your choice.

Visit our Locations Page for more informations

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Nourishment during your Retreat plays a pivotal role in your Retreat experience and Take Me There pays careful attention to curating a comprehensive menu for your individual requirements.
Uniquely suited to the destination of your Retreat, Take Me There ensure the highest quality, freshest foods prepared by highly qualified professionals - wherever in the world you go.
Take a few moments to view the Locations page for destination inspiration or Reach Out to beginning planning your bespoke itinerary in the country of your choice.
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Your Retreat Package can be curated for a 3, 7 or 10 Night Experience for Team members. 


Example Retreat Packages Includes: -


  • Flights for all Team Members from local Domestic Airport for arrival into local Airport and Coach transfers to the Location

  • Luxury Single occupancy accommodation with beautiful linens on a king-size bed, en-suite with shower, luxury amenities, flat-screen TV, and complimentary WiFi

  • All Meals included in Retreat Itinerary

  • Beverage Package including Beer, Wine, Soft Drinks, Juices, Mineral and Still Waters

  • Specific Activities detailed within Proposed Itinerary

Dates can not be guaranteed until deposit and confirmation are received. We will contact you immediately on receipt of confirmation and prior to progressing with your booking to ensure required dates are available before receiving your Deposit.


Due to the high demand of our exceptional Venues, time is of the essence in guaranteeing your Booking with Confirmation and receipt of Deposit imperative to secure the Venue. In the event that you wish to progress with Confirmation and this Venue becomes unavailable, an alternate Venue of similar quality will be sourced subject to payment of Deposit to enable immediate booking.

Retreat Packages

3 Day Example  Itinerary

Day 1

  • 3.30pm All Team Members to arrive at local Airport

  • 4.00pm Coach transfer departs for Location

  • 5.00pm Team Arrival and Check in at Venue

  • 5.30pm Welcome Introduction by Facilitator

  • 6.45pm Pre Dinner Drinks

  • 7.30pm Gourmet BBQ and 'Live Chef' Dinner under a majestic Elm Tree


Day 2

  • 6.45am Introduction to Meditation

  • 8.00am Buffet Breakfast

  • 9.00am Boardroom/Conferencing

  • 10.45am Morning Tea

  • 1.00pm Lunch

  • 2.00pm Boardroom/Conferencing

  • 3.30pm Afternoon Tea

  • 5.30pm Evening Integration Meditation with Facilitator

  • 6.45pm Pre Dinner Drinks

  • 7.30pm 'Shared Feast' Dinner


Day 3

  • Sunrise Meditation at secret Lookout location

  • Breakfast at stunning location with Private Chef

  • 10.00am Team Building Activities Session 1

  • 1.00pm Lunch

  • 2.00pm Team Building Activities Session 2

  • 5.30pm Evening Integration Meditation with Facilitator

  • 6.00pm Pre Dinner Drinks

  • 6.30pm Outdoor Cocktail Style Menu with Live Entertainment


Day 4

  • 6.45am Morning Meditation

  • 8.00am Buffet Breakfast

  • 9.00am Boardroom/Conferencing

  • 10.45am Morning Tea

  • 1.00pm Lunch

  • 2.00pm Boardroom/Conferencing

  • 3:30pm Afternoon Tea

  • 4.00pm Closing Meditation and Farewell by Facilitator

  • 4.30pm Coach Transfer to local Airport

To accept or discuss this proposal, please do not hesitate to contact

Leah Anderson, Take Me There Events via mobile 0401 836 424 or Email.

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