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Take Me There Exclusive Meditation Experiences are specifically formulated to harness the individual's personal power to inspire and Ignite creativity and performance.

​Incorporating holistic mindset tools with a view to decreasing stress levels and anxiety, increasing memory capacity, creativity, productivity and supporting the personal well being of your Team.   

The key focus is to improve not only the individuals who attend Retreat but also their efficacy to take Team unity and inspiration to the next level.

As we know; the healthier your employees are mentally the happier and more productive they are going to be.  The less stressed and anxious they are the more money your business will save on absenteeism and low productivity.

Offering either a morning or afternoon workshop to discover the fundamentals of meditation or the integration of Meditation and Mindfulness into your Retreat Itinerary at the beginning and end of each day will enable Your Team to gain a full understanding of how to create or expand their own meditation practice and gain a greater understanding of how to harness the full power of their mind and body.

Leah Anderson is available to hold space for your Retreat by way of Facilitation at your chosen venue or location.

Leah Anderson

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