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Corporate Retreats

8-100 people

Bespoke corporate retreats are Take Me There's speciality; we take the pressure off your organisation to arrange your Team's Corporate Off Sites at unique locations worldwide.  We arrange everything from flights and transfers to break out session facilitation.

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1-8 people

Take Me There partners with stunning locations across the globe with new and exciting venues constantly joining the collective. Take a Tour of some of our stunning locations.

Image by Dylan Gillis


1-100 people

Workshop Facilitation for Mindfulness and Meditation practices by Leah Anderson, is available at your business location or your preferred venue. 

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Private Retreats

1-8 people

Retreating is a unique experience for each individual participant.  


Take Me There will design your Private Retreat specifically to your individual requirements.  

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1-100 people

Take Me There Experiences range from champagne sunset cruises on luxury super yachts, beach side  and outback meditations to the extreme adrenaline rush  of  hang gliding, snowboarding or high speed car racing - and everything in between!

Image by Chang Duong

Group Sessions

8-100 people

Take Me There offers Group Sessions in mindfulness and meditation in your home or preferred venue and regularly conducts group sessions weekly at select Gold Coast locations.

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Finding Freedom

1-8 people

More than just a yoga retreat, Take Me There brings together the best in the business to take your mind to places you thought you could never go.  


This event like no other is a one-stop shop of healing, transformation, inner growth, love, laughter and a whole lot of fun! 



1-8 people

Retreat Facilitation for Mindfulness and Meditation practices by Leah Anderson, is available at your business location or  your preferred venue. 

Image by Helena Lopes

Private Sessions

1-8 people

Take Me There offers one on one or smaller intimate Private Sessions in mindfulness and meditation in your home or preferred venue.

Take Me There Events know how focused many individuals and businesses are today in looking after their well being and the well being of their teams.

Take Me There Retreats, Experiences, Sessions and Workshops are specifically formulated to harness the individual's personal power to inspire and ignite creativity and performance.

Take Me There have incorporated holistic mindset tools encompassing meditation, mindfulness – and of course plenty of fun - with a view to decreasing stress levels and anxiety, increasing memory capacity, creativity, productivity and supporting the personal well being of your Team.   

The key focus is to improve not only the individuals who attend Retreat but also their efficacy to take Team unity and inspiration to the next level.

As we know; the healthier you or your employees are mentally the happier and more productive you and they are going to be.  The less stressed and anxious they are the more money your business will save on absenteeism and low productivity.

Take a few moments to read this article from Business Insider - 

A third of corporate Australia is feeling stressed, anxious and depressed


and this excerpt from the Global Perspectives Series by Social Market Foundation.

Happiness and productivity: Understanding the happy-productive worker

Global Perspectives Series: Paper 4 DANIEL SGROI October 2015


Research shows that we simply do not work anywhere near our best when we are stressed, anxious or depressed.  The parts of the brain responsible for intelligent action and creativity also gets shut down.


The integration of Meditation and Mindfulness into your Retreat Itinerary at the beginning and end of each day will enable Your Team to gain a full understanding of how to create or expand their own meditation practice and gain a greater understanding of how to harness the full power of their mind and body.

Board Room days will also be allocated for your business-related Retreat along with days of fun and adventure through outdoor Team Building Activities to strengthen bonds and keep the fires of inspiration and innovation alive!

Take a few moments to browse through our Experiences, Locations, Sessions, Workshops and Retreats to begin curating your own personalised, Take Me There Retreat.


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