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Take Me There have an exclusive partnership with a number of Kenyan Retreat and Safari destinations so you can disconnect from the World and reconnect with yourself.

Immerse yourself or your team in some of the Earth’s most exotic and wild destinations. Our locations are more than just phenomenal safari experiences; we have also connected with a world renowned Elephant Sanctuary and have access to ancients ruins on the Kenyan coastline just south of Mombasa; the perfect environment to shift perceptions and ignite new levels of innovation and creativity.

Allow Take Me There to design a Kenyan experience of a lifetime taking in the immense power of these natural wonderlands, home to some of our most vulnerable and endangered species and environments.

If you are looking for a life changing Retreat or Safari for you, your organisation or team, Reach Out to Take Me There to design a unique, bespoke experience that will evolve, ignite and inspire.

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