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By registering and successfully completing payment for the Finding Freedom event, you agree to the following:


The Providers make no guarantee in relation to the specific outcomes I create throughout the Training. The outcomes for all participants are personal awareness and empowerment. You undertake to willingly participate and serve the above outcome in respect to yourself and all other participants. Should the facilitators of the Training and/or one or more of the Providers deem that it is not in the best interest of either yourself or the group that you continue to participate in the Training then she/he is entitled to terminate your involvement at his/her discretion, in which case no tuition fees will be refunded. 



You understand that as part of the program process to achieve maximum results from the program, we will set actions for you to complete between sessions. You understand this training requires that you use the tools to create and attract results. You acknowledge that failing to use them and integrate the training into your life may result in you not achieving the results that are available out of your full participation. You hereby commit to 100% participation in the process, including having all committed actions completed as agreed. You agree that the material, coaching and concepts provided in the course of this program is fully and solely for the purposes of my own personal development. You further agree not to deliver or reproduce verbally or in any other form without prior written permission, any intellectual property, material or such provided by the facilitators, which includes part of any teaching, coaching, training of coaches, consulting or any other business endeavour, either directly or in an adapted form.


You agree to honour the spirit, practices and agreement of this Partnership Agreement including:- maintaining high levels of self-care in all your affairs, being coach-able, communicating fully and immediately to Leah Anderson any concerns, questions or information that may be in any way relevant to my participation in this program. You also fully accept and understand the content of the general information section including the cancellation, confidentiality and the terms of payment of this agreement. You agree to wholly participate in the programme and you understand that you are responsible for creating your own results. You will fully and actively support this agreement and champion my own personal development and education. You are ready, willing and able and you fully request the partnership and coaching of the Finding Freedom facilitators.



Should you wish to cancel and withdraw from the Finding Freedom event within 30 days of the commencement date, you agree that you will be required to pay a total of half the total tuition price. No refund will be granted outside of these terms. If you do not attend the training without prior express written agreement from Leah Anderson or Take Me There Events, you agree that you will forfeit your full tuition fee for the event. 

You agree to respect the privacy and confidentiality of my fellow participants, including not soliciting anything from them or promoting anything to them during and/or following the Training through the contact list that is made available to me (except with their express permission). 

You agree that any photos that I take during the Training will not be made public (for example on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) unless you have the express permission of the people in the photos. Should you break the agreement before, during or after the Training, the Providers reserve the right to restrict my involvement in any future trainings and/or workshops facilitated by Take Me There Events. 

You acknowledge that you have voluntarily assumed any risk in entering in to this agreement and I release all persons associated with the Training, the Providers and any of their employees, servants and agents from any claims, demands, liability, actions and causes of actions arising out of my participation in the Training Finding Freedom including, but not limited to, any claim for personal injuries arising out of the negligence of the Providers and of their employees, servants and agents. 

You are fully aware that the Training may involve a level of self-examination deeper than you have experienced before and that the Training is based on a creative model that works by setting up creative tension, and as a result has the potential to be personally confronting and distressing. You understand that participating in the Training requires a basic level of emotional fitness and you consider yourself to be emotionally and psychologically fit enough to participate. 

If you are currently suffering from or being treated for depression, anxiety, psychosis or any other psychological or nervous condition, or taking any prescribed medication for the treatment or alleviation of the aforementioned conditions, you agree to inform the Providers more than 7 days before the commencement of the Training, and you understand and agree that the Providers have the right to refuse your participation, in which case you shall receive a full refund of all tuition fees you have paid for the Training. 

You acknowledge and agree that if you fail to disclose to the Providers and any of its employees, servants and agents any details of conditions from which you are currently suffering including depression, anxiety, psychosis or any other nervous or psychological conditions, or taking any prescribed medication for the treatment or alleviation of the aforementioned conditions, or have a history of the aforementioned conditions, you release the Providers and any of the employees, servants and agents from any liability for any claims, demands, liability, actions and causes of action including, but not limited to, any claim for personal injuries arising out of the negligence of the Providers and any of its employees, servants and agents. 

You acknowledge that any failure to disclose such information may prevent the Providers from supplying services under the agreement that would be reasonably fit for their purpose and may adversely affect the Providers’ capacity to supply services of a reasonable nature and quality that might achieve a desired result from my participation. 

Leah Anderson, Take Me There events and the Finding Freedom retreat reserves the right to change the terms and conditions under which the retreat is offered and will provide written notice of these changes. 

If any of the above clauses are severed from this agreement by any court or tribunal, in relation to any claims arising out of your participation, you agree that the total liability arising out of any such claim, whether as a result of the negligence of the parties or not, shall not exceed the full tuition fee for my participation in the Finding Freedom retreat.

This agreement is between you the participant and us Leah Anderson, Take Me There Events trading as Take Me There Experiences. No other person shall have any rights to undertake this agreement. Each of the clauses in this agreement operates separately. If any court or tribunal or relevant authority decides that any of them are unlawful, the remaining clauses will remain in full force and effect. This agreement is governed by Kenyan law. You and we both agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Australian courts. 

By signing your name and email address below this affirms you have read and agreed to all of the terms and conditions contained in this Participation Agreement.

Terms& Conditions

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